Xesta Casting Nitro Shore Jigging Fishing Jig with hooks 40g

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A shore casting version of Center Balance Jig Nitro, which specializes in slide action. The thin body with low air resistance while being center-balanced not only makes it easier to determine long casts, but also reduces drag resistance during jerk. It slides left and right with a light jerk, and the irregular flat fall attracts a wide range of targets from blue fish to root fish. Equipped with a single hook with tinsel on the front and a triple hook on the rear as standard equipment, it can be put into practice immediately. It is a slide casting jig that supports a wide range of games from super light shore jigging (SLS) to light shore jigging.

29.KPIW UV Pink Sardines
39.KBPS UV Came trouble pin
70.SE Seguro
71.RHBIW Red Head Sardines
82.PZL Pink Zebra Glow
86.BKPGR Black Pink Gold Lame
88.AIZL Zebra Glow
134.RGDL Glow Red King Low Berry
144.KSHL UV Kei Uneven Silas Glow Berry
145.penpen Penpen

Real Sardine


UV Real Mackerel

148.CHCCO Chart Candy Orange Berry
149.VL S Purple Glow / Black Silver
150.ALH Aluminum Glow Head