Xesta Nitro Casting Vertical Metal Jig

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It is a metal jig that can easily generate irregular slide action and flat fall due to its center balance while being asymmetrical. It supports a wide range of situations from one-pitch jerk to technical jerk actions such as Hirado jerk and Tango jerk. Since its release, due to the high fishing ability of nitro, it has been producing explosive fishing results even in shore jigging beyond the offshore fishing category. It is a real bait jig that comes to all blue hunters.



Action 2

Large slide to the left and right during one-pitch one-jerk. At the time of high pitch short jerk, it darts violently in small steps. The sharp dirt and irregular fall action are exactly match the bait. Speed ​​type design that can handle amberjack (amberjack, amberjack, yellowtail, tuna). Due to the left-right asymmetric center balance, it slides diagonally or spirals after a small flat hit. I want you to experience the explosive fishing results and movements that are not ashamed of the name of Nitro.

Weight Full Length
80g 11.3 cm
160g 14.5 cm