Xesta Slow Bee with 3 Assist Hooks for Shore Jigging

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Xesta Slow Bee 

Slow pitch jerks that are explosively popular in the offshore scene in recent years. This fishing power is expanding. What happens if you bring this fishing method into the shore jigging scene? The Shore field has unilaterally no water depth than offshore, and it is difficult to cut each range finely because it is an input in the diagonally upward direction of the casting relationship. Therefore, I made a sharp cut in order to finely cut in the lateral direction in an area without water depth. We finished in teardrop shape that floats early to avoid dragging the bottom unnecessarily. In consideration of the stability of the flight attitude at the time of casting, it is less likely to rotate and be stalled because it flies straight to the point without blurring although it is non-right and left correspondence. It looks like a honeybee's ass-like cute form and is named "Bee". It looks like a lovable form that produces an action as sharp as it can not be imagined, and it has the power to attract many fish.

Small silhouette shore slow jig. Designed with a sharpened nose that produces a sharp and sharp action even in a long range, and a teardrop shape that regularly falls flat to a pinpoint during a fall. The flight attitude is also stable and the outstanding flight distance is kicked out.

Slow Bee