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Yamaga Blanks Ballistick 106MMH "Beta" Fishing Rod

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Ballistick 106MMH “BETA”

  • Lure: 7g~50g
  • Line: PE 0.8~2

“Further, more delicately. Open up a new game with a cutting-edge long cast model that has over-specs that exceed the required actual fishing performance. ”

What I was looking for was overwhelming flight distance and sensitivity. Ballistic 106MMH Beta has been thoroughly refined to achieve long-distance casting performance and delicate sensitivity at long distances using the latest materials and design. At present, it is one of the answers to the long cast rods produced by Yamaga Blanks, and it is a model that ignores the series composition and concentrates only on the perfection of a single model. The main stage of this model is surf and rocks, and the bat power necessary for that purpose has been made to a level that can be said to be suitable for big game. This is a cutting-edge golf ball that aims to achieve the highest rank in all aspects: distance, delicacy, sensitivity, and power.

[Specification details]
■Total length: 3205mm ■Falling dimension: 1635mm ■Own weight: 188g
■Number of joints: 2pcs (Inro joint) ■Carbon: 99.8%
■Guide: SiC-S titanium frame K + RV guide (Fuji) specifications
■Reel seat :DPS18(Fuji) Uplock specification
■Grip dimensions: a.435mm / b.555mm
*a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is attached / b. Total handle length

●Recommended targets: Flounder, seabass, blackfin, Sea Sakura
● Recommended fields: Surf, rocky shores (mainly flat beaches), rock bottoms, river mouths
● Compatible reels: Company D LT4000C~5000C/SW4000 / Company S 4000~C5000/SW4000