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Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 100 "Beta" Tuned for Surf Rod

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BlueCurrent 100 “BETA” Tuned for SURF

  • Lure: 4~30g
  • Line: PE 0.5~1

“An ultra-long range strategy model that expands the possibilities of surfing in light games. A new innovation from Blue Current that condenses the performance of searching for targets in a vast field.At

a time when field restrictions are increasing, surfing is a field with great potential as a new light game frontier. Blue Current 100 Beta Tuned-for-SURF is a special light game model specialized in surf games. Although it has a long length of 10ft, it maintains the sensitivity, lightness, and delicacy that are essential for light games, and has high long-distance casting performance and operability to conquer the vast field of surfing using jigs and float & sinker rigs. It has sensitivity performance. As a long distance search model, this is a new innovation for Blue Current.

[Specification details]
■Total length: 3055mm ■Falling dimensions: 1555mm ■Own weight: 101g
■Number of joints: 2pcs (reverse joint) ■Carbon: 99.8%
■Guide: TZ titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji)
■Reel seat: VSS16 down Lock specification (Fuji)
■Grip dimensions: a.340mm / b.405mm
*a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is installed / b. Total handle length

●Recommended targets: horse mackerel, rockfish, flounder, maggot, etc.
● Compatible lures: metal jigs, float rigs, sinker rigs, etc.
●Recommended fields: Surf, fishing grounds, harbor areas, small rocks, river mouths, etc.
●Applicable reels: Company D LT2500-4000C / Company S 2500, C3000, 4000