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Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 70TZ Trippers "Pillar" 4 Piece Travel Rod with Multi-functional Travel Bag/Case

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BlueCurrent 70TZ Trippers “PILLAR”

  • Lure: ~12g
  • Line: PE 0.3~0.8

``Blue Current 70TZ Trippers -
A 4-piece model for light games that you can take anywhere with a natural usability that changes the concept of pack rods, allowing you to capture any target without compromise. '' Packed with the blank design technology of Yamaga Blanks, it achieves strong butt power and smooth bending even though it is a pack rod. Although it has a strong tension, it also has a firm bent curve and flexibility, so it is suitable not only for salt targets but also for everything from trout to black bass!! The feeling of being able to use a wide range of lures makes you forget that it is a pack rod. You can enjoy a stress-free game. 

[Specification details]
■Total length: 2145mm ■Falling dimensions: 560mm ■Own weight: 72g
■Number of joints: 4pcs (Inro joint) ■Carbon: 99.8%
■Guide: TZ titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji)
■Reel seat: VSS16 (Fuji) )
■Grip dimensions: a.275mm / b.340mm
*a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is attached / b. Total length of handle

● Recommended target: Anything
● Recommended lure: Anything
● Recommended field: Anywhere
● Suitable Reel: Company D LT1000~2000 / Company S C2000~2500