Yamaga Blanks

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 93 TZ/NANO All Range

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We have extended length and enhanced power of 85TZNano All-Range to cover farther range and tougher target. Actually, it is all depends on your imagination to pull out the infinite potential of this 93TZNano All-Range. 85TZNano have been tuned as 93TZNano while keeping high sensitivity and manipulable even though massive power have been loaded on butt section. Of course, you can use it for Horse Mackerel or rockfish, it works for black sea bream, seabass or even for squid. As we mentioned, potential of 93TZNano All-Range become unlimited depending on your skill and imagination.

 Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2825 mm 90 g 2 pcs 3~21 g PE 0.4~1 99.7%