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Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Extreme Shore Casting Strategy 100M-MH Fishing Rod

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BlueSniper 100M-MH

  • Lure: Plug 30~80g Jig Max 120g
  • Line: MAX PE 4

[Released in March 2024]
"Blue Sniper 100M-MH - Type: All-rounder / Medium Tip + Medium Heavy Bat"

[High-dimensional fusion of casting performance, lure operation performance, and fighting performance required in shore blue fish games, and high Highly balanced model with versatility〉

While set to the MH class, which is central to the shore blue fish game, and the standard length of 10ft, it has a light casting feel and lure operability with the main premise of ``keep throwing'' without stress. A high balance model that has been thoroughly honed. The wide release point makes it easy to achieve a stable distance, and the soft tip and powerful bat allow you to freely perform various plug operations and the sharp action of a metal jig. It is a model with the highest general-purpose performance in the series, and can be used as a main model in any field, and is a must-have as a reliable sub-rod even in expedition games aiming for big game.

[Specification details]
■Total length: 3065mm ■Falling dimensions: 1570mm ■Own weight: 309g
■Number of joints: 2pcs (inro joint) ■Carbon: 99.8%
■Guide: SiC-S stainless steel frame K guide + SiC ocean guide specification (Fuji)
■ Reel seat: DPS20 specification (Fuji)
■Grip dimensions: a.495mm / b.707mm
*a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is installed / b. Total handle length

●Assumed target: Yellowtail 10kg or more / Yellowtail & Amberjack ~ 8kg
● Recommended field: Rocks, offshore embankments, embankments
● Compatible reel guideline: Company D/Company S 6000~8000
● Drag max: 6kg / 45°