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Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Extreme Shore Casting Strategy 96H Fishing Rod

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BlueSniper 96H

  • Lure: Jig Max 150g Plug 60~120g
  • Line: MAX PE 6

[Released in March 2024]
``Blue Sniper 96H - Type: All-rounder Extreme / Hard Tip & High Power''

〈Manual style that lures heavy weight lures by moving them lightly and freely with the new high-power and high-response H-class blank. The one to master >

In order to maximize the maneuverability of a 9ft class while having the power of an H class, we are particular about creating a slender, lightweight, and highly repulsive blank, achieving a high power and high response feel that is light to use. It's a model. You can swing through heavy weight jigs with surprising ease, and even operate jigs in rapids with ease. However, since this is not a model that seeks hardness, you can manually adjust the speed and speed of various plug operations to make it easy to respond well, and when fighting, it bends firmly against the load and quickly floats the fish. This is a new style H-class rod that creates a new dimension.

[Specification details]
■Total length: 2920mm ■Falling dimensions: 1505mm ■Own weight: 309g
■Number of joints: 2pcs (inro joint) ■Carbon: 99.8%
■Guide: SiC-S stainless steel frame K guide + SiC ocean guide specification (Fuji)
■ Reel seat: DPS20 specification (Fuji)
■Grip dimensions: a.495mm / b.707mm
*a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is installed / b. Total handle length

●Assumed target: Yellowtail 10kg or more / Yellowtail & Amberjack ~12kg
●Recommended fields: Rocks, offshore embankments, embankments
●Approximate reel: Company D/Company S 6000~14000
●Drag max: 8kg / 45°