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Yamaga Blanks Early for Seabass 97MMH Shore Casting Rod

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What we seek in a seabass rod at Yamaga Blanks is “standard characteristics” for anyone to easily use. Our designs focus on tolerant release point for everyone to be able to cast long distances with the least amount of effort while retaining the lightness for all day long casting and sensitivity to capitalize on the smallest bites. Once hooked, the blanks will bend in nicely to reduce any hook-offs generally caused by blanks that are too stiff.

The EARLY for Seabass models are value for money considering the quality of the rods.
The length and settings of the models are designed for long distance casting which are suited for wading in the shallow waters, fishing off rocks, boulders, piers and break water.

Early for Seabass Bending Curve

EARLY for Seabass Comparison (Load 1kg)

These are comparison images of EARLY for Seabass which are loaded 1kg of weight on tip.
※These images were taken with reel was set and put line through guides.
Keep end of grip evenly and set fulcrum point on end of grip and reel foot.

※These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods.
 Please understand that these pictures are taken under the limited situation.
 It was loaded with weight on rods gently.
 It does not show the instantaneous force of repulsion or feeling of manipulation.

Early for Seabass Curve

Early for Seabass 97MMH You will be able to trace your lures in the strong thick currents of large scale rivers and straits as well as hardcore locations off rocks and boulders. It possesses a sensitive tip able to transmit the smallest of details in the current and utilize minnows and sinking pencils as small as 9cm. Having said that, anglers will still be able to cast big bait lures up to 15cm for situations where your targets are feeding on larger baits and stop the thrashing of lunker size pre spawning seabass with the strong butt power.

Target Seabass
Lure Plugs
Fields Estuary, Strait, Rocks


 Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2925mm 147g 2pcs 8~42g PE 1 ~ 2 94.9%

Closed Length : 1500mm Joint : Put over Ferrule Guide:SiC stainless frame K guide(Fuji)
Reel Seat:VSS16(Fuji) Suitable spinning reel size:DAIWA #LT4000C~5000C / SHIMANO #4000~C5000
Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.