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Yamaga Blanks Galahad 63/3 Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod

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A rod that is stiff or soft is of no use if it’s unable to perform to its design. Slow pitch rods require a certain ‘taut’ and flexibility in order to work the jig and makes it drop as intended. For these, the Galahad series have been carefully designed with our cutting edge technology so as to prevent loss of momentum and rhythm when working on the jigs.

Galahad 63/3 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Overhead & Spinning Model
This model will perform best when deep areas have opposing currents which require heavier jigs. An ideal jig weight is around 160gm while a lighter jig can still be used should the angler choose to work it more aggressively. We are confident you will enjoy using this rod and it will become part of your body for sure!

We present you that spinning and overhead model so please chose one as your style of fishing.
※Spinning models are built with as  same blank as overhead models

Spinning Model Rod Detail
Guide:SiC Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)
Reel Seat:DPS18(Fuji)

 Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
1930mm 141g 1pc Jig Comfort Weight 160g ~PE 2 99.8%

DragMax : 2.5kg Guide:SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)Reel Seat:TCS17(Fuji)
Suitable reel size:DAIWA around #10 / SHIMANO #1500~2000

※Comfort Weight is stood for the weight of jigs that you will be able to jerk comfortably. It has not meant to be a value of maximum. It is possible to jerk jigs that around 50g heavier than weight which is on specification in slow pitch.

Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.