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Yamaga Blanks Rod Protection Roll Bag Fit up to 5 Rods

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YB Protection Roll Bag is Yamaga Blanks’ original packing gear that allows you to transport multiple rods safely and smartly without damaging them. You can carry the rods compactly and safely when you go on an expedition by ferry, fishing on the shore or offshore.

Intended for use on rocky shores, it is made of neoprene fabric with excellent durability and water resistance, so it can be used as a rug while taking a break or as a tool holder. In addition, the pocket that stores the handle of rods has a drainage hole and can be washed after use, so you can always use it cleanly.

You can pack 1 to 5 rods with it.

From rods to aim Blue runner from rocky shores such as Blue Snipers to egging rods, any rod with a closing size of 1150mm to 1800mm can be stored.

Whether you’re a veteran angler who uses multiple rods and aims targets while enjoying strategically or a super keen angler who wants to hit a variety of targets when you go fishing, the Protection Roll Bag supports your fishing functionally.

●Size:1840×540mm ●Weight: approx. 710g ●Material: Neoprene, magic belt, D ring
●Packing quantity:1~5 ●Storage dimensions:1150~1800mm


■Main space
On the back of the Protection roll bag, there are 5 pockets to store the handle of rod and 5 Velcro straps to secure each rod. The pockets have different widths, so you can use them according to the size of the rod you are storing. The leftmost pocket has Velcro on the inside to store the included bag and accessories.

●The pocket that stores the grip of rod has different widths, so you can use it depending on the thickness of the rod you are storing.

●You can hold the rod with Velcro.

●The storage pocket has a drainage hole, so it dries easily even after washing.So please wash it after you fished and keep it cleanly.

■Tip Protection function
After storing the rod, fold the fabric on the tip side and secure it with Velcro, wrap it in from the side without the long belt (the side that stores rods for small targets ), and secure it with 4 belts.

●Assuming that you are packing up to an 11ft model, you can protect the tip by folding it around the first seam for an 11ft model and the second seam for a 10ft model.

●Wrap it in from the side of the rod for small target where it is stored and secure it with 4 belts.


Once fixed, you can carry it as is, but by attaching the YB shoulder belt (sold separately) to the two D rings, you can carry it over your shoulder and it makes your hands free and let you move around at rocky shore or else easily.


■With bag

When storing the Protection Roll Bag at home, it can be folded compactly by securing the long belt to the inner Velcro, and can be easily carried in the bag which comes with it.


You can secure it in place on windy days by tying strings such as paracord to the grommets on the four corners or by driving pegs.

■Thick fabric
It can also be used as a rug when preparing or taking a break.