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Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Cast Jigging Swim & Skip Boat Light Game Series - SS73M

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SeaWalk Cast-Jigging SS 73M

  • Lure: Cast Weight : Over Cast Max 60g (Under Cast : Max 80g)
  • Line: Max PE 2.0

《This is the one that masters various kind of lures with high response operability to capture the wide range of water 》

73M has more moderate stiffness than 71ML, and this is a model that is to capture the wide range and deep area while using metal jigs up to 80g.
It is easy to cast a heavy weight lure farther than you expected with light force even under hand, and it is good at lure with emphasis on action using not only metal jigs but also heavy weight minnows, sinking pencils and jerk baits.
It is also recommended for aiming migratory fish when its feeding on the surface, rockfish aiming by wind method with heavy weight jig head + worm or lift and fall method in rocky reefs.
This is the almighty model that covers a variety of styles with just 73M itself.

■Length:2228mm ■Closed Length:1147mm ■Weight:118g
■Section:2pcs(Center cut/Put over ferrule) ■Carbon:87.8%
■Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K guide(Fuji)
■Reel Seat:DPS17 / BACK STOP Double Nut(Fuji)
■Grip:a.465mm / b.582mm
※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.

●Target: Small sized Blue-runner (bonito, Spanish mackerel, dolphinfish), various rock fish, Red sea bream, Flatfish, Seabass
●Lure: Jig・Blade Jig・Vibration plug・Minnow・Jighead+Soft plastic
●Suitable reel size:Daiwa 4000~6000 《SW4000~SW6000》
/ Shimano 4000~C5000 《SW4000~SW6000》
*Precautions when using SW6000 class
When performing high-speed winding in blade jigging, increasing the reel size will reduce fatigue, so we recommend up to the SW6000 class.
When setting SW5000 to 6000 class, the recommended line number of the rod is PE#2, so it is necessary to wind the spool down due to the line capacity.

《Bending cuerve》
These are comparison images of rod bending with three types of static loads of 100g, 500g, and 1kg applied to cast jigging SS71ML and SS73M.
Image of 100g load is a rod bending when just reeling a metal jig or when inputting action right after the metal jig reached bottom of the sea.
As for butt power, both 71ML and 73M look close, you feel more tenacious and more power on butt section when you try to keep large target under control with 73M.