YGK Galis Algon Assist GX Braid 3 Braid Fluorocarbon in Type 6m Blue 260lb #30

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Structure GX (1 × 4)
Composition 3FC Blade type
Material Izanas + Fluoro 3 Uchinaka

By assembling four X4 (8) blade lines, wear resistance and cut resistance are improved compared to the conventional type.
By adopting 3 fluoros for the core and densely making 4 squares, Izanas is given elasticity, the restoring force is improved against twisting, and it is easy to control the direction of the hook.
By adopting GX square striking, the hook penetrates without impairing the strength of the line, and it is effective to stop with Chimoto.
The roughness peculiar to square striking makes it easier to determine the seki thread and reduces slipping out.
4 (8) x 4 (8) blade line assembled into 4 or 8 yarns with the assembled yarn!