YGK Ichigeki Soleil

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500 meter Spools, Imperial Conversion = 546 yard Spools 

New generation YGK original base axis new sense Super soft BA-D nylon 100% Ultimate versatility. By applying large scale material reform to conventional bobbin thread, realized high cohesion strength and low yarn quality deterioration which is effective with tightness. And more than anything, fit to reel spool. Excluding angler stress with outstanding fitting property with severe setting on line such as No. 6 to No. 3000 and No. 8 No. 10 to No. 5000 class. In addition, the restoring force is extremely high, linear recovery is demonstrated against winding gauze, and it is resolved promptly as the actual fishing progresses.

1 500m 4lb
1.5 500m 6lb
2 500m 8lb
2.5 500m 10lb
3 500m 12lb
4 500m 16lb
5 500m 20lb
8 500m 30lb
12 500m 40lb
14 500m 50lb
18 500m 60lb
22 500m 80lb
28 500m 100lb


Made in Japan