YGK Mini Rope for Assist Hook Galis ISO Hunter 5m

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Thin If you use the PE line as the main line and connect a thick shock leader, you may experience troubles such as frequent thread clatter during casting. In such a case, inserting Iso hunter as a spacer of about 1.5m between the main line and the shock leader will improve the balance and prevent this problem.

Brand: Yotsuami (YGK)

Material: Polyethylene

Application: Horse mackerel, rockfish, grunt, mackerel, red sea bream, flounder, monkfish, anglerfish, red sea bream, grouper, itoyori, medai, scorpionfish, amberjack, amberjack, chidai, black sea bream, flounder, kiss filefish, parrotfish, yellowtail, yellowtail, etc.