CB One SSR "Rigid" 611RB Titan SIC-S Guide - Technical Light Jigging Rod / Bait model

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SSR611RB TECHNICAL LIGHT-The lightest model in the series that enables delicate operation of small jigs. It generates power that cannot be imagined from a slender blank with metallic elasticity, and realizes reliable jig control and fighting performance. A 50-60g lightweight jig that uses ultra-fine lines to attack deep areas, making it the best match for ultra-delicate and technical games.

Sharp & sensitive. The new SSR series has been reborn with the latest manufacturing method, with sharp sensitivity and high operability further refined. Inheriting the conventional concept, we have achieved a significant improvement in the basic performance required for light jigging rods, such as power and durability, sensitivity, and operability. This is the next generation light jigging rod series, which is made up of thin, strong and durable super blanks with ultra-lightweight guides and the latest parts.


Blank-designed with carbon that is lighter and has a higher elastic modulus than before with improved power, sensitivity, and repulsive force. The thick ply made by stacking thin carbon sheets enhances the crushing strength, and makes the power rise smoothly from the tip to the butt.

Guide System-Equipped with a lightweight, large-diameter torzite guide that draws out the power of the blank and reduces line troubles. A double foot is placed in the butt section where the load is applied, and a lightweight single foot guide that does not interfere with the condition of the blank is placed in place from the tip to the belly section. The guide system, which emphasizes weight reduction, has improved exercise performance and achieved sharp and nimble operability.

Grip Design-The bait model has a thick center grip and is designed to be strong and easy to hold with all fingers. The reel seat uses PTS, which is easy to tighten and hard to loosen, improving operability.


 Model Length Drag Max Jig Weight Grip Reel Seat
SSR "Rigid" 611RB 6'1" 1.5 kg 100g F/37 R/410 PTS17