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Studio Ocean Mark SOM Blue Heaven L50Hi/L (Left Handle)AE85 - Blue Black (24) Jigging Reel

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Full model change for the 10th year of little monster!! - New frame design, spool bearing design, semi-waterproof drag and L50 power up! It is the best one for the increasingly diversified mid-deep sea jigging and the yellowfin jigging such as yellowfin tuna promoted by SOM !!


Drag lever

Lever drag design adopted in S2T. The drag lever can be operated with the palming hand while holding the handle.

Super spool free (patent registered)

When spool-free, two small-diameter bearings bearing the spool, and when reeling, the large-diameter ball bearing slides to firmly bearing the spool. A spool-free system that utilizes the characteristics of the lever drag has been adopted to achieve an amazing fall speed comparable to spinning reels.

High-strength aluminum forged machine cut spool

Lightweight design (compatible with PE1.5 full winding) that has been thinned to the limit while maintaining the strength corresponding to the small diameter line. We have secured PE1.5-1200m with a deep design that draws out the line capacity to the maximum size.

Left-right asymmetric frame (design registered)

The diameter of the right plate that houses the drag mechanism and gears and the diameter of the left plate that emphasizes palming have been changed, and STUDIO Ocean Mark's original left-right asymmetric frame has been adopted as a machine cut reel.


Super large angular bearing

Radial bearings have been abolished and made into angular bearings based on the SOM idea that overcomes the weaknesses of the lever drag system, which makes handling heavier when the drag power is increased, from a unique perspective.
Furthermore, the angular bearings compatible with the new spool bearing system are larger than the size used in the BHL120, contributing to increased hoisting force.

Large caliber mountain module gear

Machine cut of high-strength, high-strength brass material with a diameter of 59 mm, a thickness of 4.8 mm, and a module of 0.7, which is inherited from the previous model. Although it is manufactured in South Korea, we also provide thorough technical guidance to inherit the quality of the Nagano factory.

New design aluminum forged machine cut frame

New design that reviewed the design of the frame bridge and increased the twist strength of the frame without increasing the weight. The sense of rigidity that you can see from the moment you wind the line is a proof of the power to wind up a big game.

Extra-thick stainless steel shaft

The handle shaft / knob shaft / spool shaft has the same material / diameter design as the upper model BHL120, and has bearing power that exceeds the class.

Super durable gear box

Ultra high performance grease


With the single disc, the spool free adopts a patented system of BHL50 / 30 supported by a small diameter bearing and a large diameter bearing when winding.
It reduces the ease of picking up the two tides caused by the heavy spool rotation, and also increases the jig loading speed.


Semi-waterproof drag

Lever drag reels equipped with a waterproof mechanism on the drag part significantly reduce spool-free performance, but BHL50 has devised the shape of the waterproof rubber and drag cover placed on the drag disc to maintain high-performance spool-free and spool. We have developed an epoch-making mechanism that is simple waterproof when free and waterproof when winding.

High performance cork washer

In the four elements of speed / power / toughness / smooth that talk about drag performance, the performance balance of the cork washer in the latest jigging scene demonstrates performance that appeals to all five senses. This time, we reviewed the cork-bonded rubber material and adopted the New cork washer produced by a Japanese manufacturer.

Kilometer set lever

The adjustment range of 1 click is set to about 0.5 kg according to the Japanese sense, and it is set to plus 2 kg in the MAX position.


Spool replacement

Drag washer replacement

One-way bearing replacement

Self Maintenance Guide Video


SOM BH L50Hi-L-Bb (24) Blue Black Left Handed Model  6.3:1 (MAX SPEED
10kg ACBB x 1
Ball x 8
Roller x 1
Blue Black 515g PE 4-450m / PE 3-650m / PE 2-1000m / PE 1.5-1200m